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  • occupy the industry high-end market
    the company has a large tower, spherical tank, heat exchanger and low temperature cylinders, storage tanks, ...
  • with all kinds of products total contracting capacity
    the company has a professional construction and installation team, with all kinds of non-standard and low-temperature equipment design...
  • scale strength in the forefront
    the company covers an area of 350 acres, the production area of 100,000 square meters, with all kinds of large-scale ...
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    production flow chart

    • shandong longxiang industrial ...shandong longxiang industrial company and shengli oilfield plateau company to achieve strategic cooperation april 20, shandong longxiang industrial co., ltd. and shengli oilfield plateau petroleum equipment co., ltd. signedstrategic cooperation ag...

    shandong lonsun industrial co. ltd.

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